Harness the power of the sun
No sunscreen required
the secret is out
Athletes, Models and actors secret weapon

Many of the most athletic, beautiful and charismatic people of the world all have a secret weapon to keep their vitality and their body young and healthy.

Steal their secret weapon and discover your true potential.

Muscle Recovery

Get faster recovery, more muscle growth and more endurance during the workouts.

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Seasonal Depression

Get rid of lethargy, more focus and a happier, healthier winter season.

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Skin Health

Boost your own collagen production, for healthier, younger-looking skin.

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The best of the sun
the most beneficial wavelengths

Red Sun only uses the best wavelengths for the optimal results. The natural wavelengths of 600nm-850nm are the same ones emitted by the sun, but in greater quantity.

Sessions of RLT (red light therapy) are equal to hours of sun exposure of only the most beneficial, harmless wavelengths. No sunscreen required.

find your balance
time indoor and screens

Well over 90% of the population spends most of it's time indoors. Wether it's the neon lights or the blue light emitting from our computers and smartphones, we don't get enough natural red and near-infrared light in our daily lives.

It's a matter of health to find your balance in the wavelengths that your body receives. Get some more red in your life.

Sleep and circadian rhythm

Learn how natural red light helps you sleep.

Mood and energy levels

Learn how red light boost your mood and energy levels.

Body fat and cellulite

Learn how red light therapy can help you achieve your body goals much faster.

What is it?

Powerful LEDS

We use the most effective 5W LED lights on the market, on most of our panels,with a beam angle of 60 degrees. This provides the safest, fastest and most effective treatment available at home.

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Robust Materials

Each of our Red Sun panels are built with military grade materials. They are built to last upwards of 50'000 hours of continuous lighting while keeping the whole sessions as safe as possible.

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New Technology

While photobiomodulation (red light therapy) technology is relatively new, there upwards of 10'000 extensive academic research papers on the topic and it's wide range of benefits.

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For everyone
Anyone can use the benefits of red light therapy to achieve their true potential
Who Uses red light therapy?

Anyone who wants to achieve 100% of their body's potential.

World renown athletes in multiple fields already use RLT to increase their muscle mass, endurance and recovery. Models and actors use red light therapy to increase their collagen production in the skin and it's anti-aging effects.

It is praised by many for keeping the body youthful, strong, resilient and vital.

most common usage

Back, Shoulder And Knee Pain

Red Light Therapy interferes with nerve transmission and pain sensation, accentuates blood flow and oxygenated cells directly to where it is applied, and much more.

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Before/After Workout

Red light therapy promotes the production of internal antioxidants, prevents oxidative stress and damage to the muscle tissue (before exercise), reduce inflammation and muscle fatigue (after exercise), and much more.

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Scaring, Wrinkles and Skin Issues

Reverses the aging effects of UV rays, reduces wrinkles, reduces skin discolouration, enhances growth of skin cells and skin tissue repair, and much more.

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Trusted by mainstream institutions

Featured in
The wide range benefits of red light therapy have been featured in many reputable health journals, magazines and other sources.