Red and infrared light therapy for fat loss, cellulite, stubborn fat burning and spot reduction.

Red and infrared light therapy for fat loss, cellulite, stubborn fat burning and spot reduction.

How does red and infrared light help with fat loss, cellulite, stubborn fat burning and spot reduction? 

Ever tried all kinds of creams and exercises promising to help with those problems?  

The reason none of them work is because red and infrared light therapy in the ONLY viable and efficient natural treatment options for fat loss, cellulite, stubborn fat burning and spot reduction.  

Unfortunately, most creams and products sold to reduce cellulite have little to no scientific evidence for effectiveness. If they would work, you would not need to buy more, and they would not make any money.  

Red and Infrared light therapy helps by stimulating the fat cells to release their excess stored fat into the blood stream, where it is ready to be burned off through energy expenditure and exercises.  

Multiple researches on the subject have shown the incredible power of red light therapy on fat burning, eliminating cellulite and reducing fat mass and tissues. Some studies have shown red and near-infrared light therapy been able to shave off an entire 3.5 to 5.17 inches off waist and hip circumference by reducing the fat mass layer in just four weeks of use.  

Red and infrared light therapy treatments not only release the excess fats from cells into the bloodstream, but they do so without negatively impacting the serum lipid profiles. If used correctly, there are little to no downsides in using red and infrared light therapy treatments. It is important to follow the dosage guidelines if used at home in order to maximize efficiency for the treatments.  

Another study showed that more than 80 patients had lost about 3 inches of fats across all body parts in just about 2 weeks of using red light therapy. They used red and infrared lights for 20 minutes every day for the 14 days period.  

While red and infrared light therapy sessions can be incredibly helpful in reducing excess fat, eliminating cellulite, in spot reduction and stubborn fat burning, it is much better if combined with daily exercises. Red and infrared light therapy sessions will release the excess fat in the blood streams, but without energy expenditure or daily exercise, the excess fat will return to the cells.  

Studies have shown that, combined with regular exercise, red light therapy treatments will nearly double the fat loss from energy expenditures and workout routines.  

It turns out that red/near-infrared light affects both blood circulation to the area it’s shined on, as well as stimulating the release of fatty acids from fat tissue! 


How is fat burned? 

It’s all about blood flow, circulation and warmth to the targeted areas. Without it, nothing moves, and nothing changes. The fat cells become stubborn and stagnant, they keep the fat and store it, and it becomes much harder - impossible really - to get rid of it no matter the amount of exercise. 

It is well known that the areas of your body that are the most prone to keeping a certain amount of fat cells are the ones with the lowest body temperature. You can try it yourself with a thermometer. The areas of the body where fat is stored the most are usually up to 2-3 degrees less than the ones where fat is not stored, like the hands, the forehead, the feet, etc. That is because where it’s warm, there is circulation and blood flow and possibility for change. 

There is really no correlation between muscle building and fat burning. Working out your abs, your thighs, your arms or any part of your body where fat is usually stored does not affect the fat cells surrounding your muscles. There may be a loss of water or contracting of the muscle tissues that may leave the appearance of fat reduction on the targeted area but it usually lasts only a couple of hours until the water is taken back into the muscles and that the tissues relax after the workout.  

The real and only way to lose stubborn fat, get lean and healthy is to exercise regularly, and have an overall healthy lifestyle.  

Red and infrared light therapy will enhance the body fat loss and even help with spot reduction on targeted areas. That is because red and infrared light therapy will act on the fat cells by liberating the fat into the blood stream, encourage blood flow and warm the chosen areas of the body. 

There are millions of people around the world stuck with areas of their body where fat accumulates, and they can’t possibly get rid of it. In most cases for men, it is on the belly and the abdomen where fat accumulates the most. For women, in most cases, it is around the hips and the thighs. Before trying red and infrared light therapy at home, most will use many creams and tools advertised as miracles fat burners without much scientific data behind it. 

Here's what certainly won’t work for burning fat, eliminating cellulite, spot reduction, waist shrinking and stubborn fat.  

  • Miracle exercise gadgets from infomercials for abs, thighs, waist, and any body parts. 
  • Any exercises made for muscle building. 
  • Unhealthy lifestyle 
  • Sedentary lifestyle 
  • Fastfood 
  • Miracle cellulite creams 

Here’s what will certainly help for burning fat, eliminating cellulite, spot reduction, waist shrinking and stubborn fat. 

  • Daily sun exposure 
  • Red and near-infrared light therapy 
  • Daily/regular exercise  
  • Drinking waters 
  • Healthy eating 
  • Vitamins 

Red and near-infrared light therapy treatments will work incredibly well in concert with regular exercises and a healthy lifestyle. Daily sessions combined with mild exercising will help anyone reduce body fat, eliminate cellulite on target areas and burn stubborn fat.  

How to use red light therapy for burning fat, eliminating cellulite, spot reduction, waist shrinking and stubborn fat. 

Here is the optimal red light therapy treatment for burning excess fat. 

  • It is better to start in the morning in a fasted state. 
  • Go through a hot shower upon waking up with a glass of warm water right after. 
  • Immediately cover yourself with extra clothing on your targeted areas to keep the body parts as warm as possible to enhance circulation.  
  • Start up with some very light warm up exercises (walking, yoga, resistance bands, stretching, calisthenics, etc.). 
  • Remove clothing from the areas where you want to target the excess fat and do 2-8 minutes of red and infrared light therapy exposure with your home red light therapy device. It is ideal to do it at about 6” from the target area for optimal benefits. We suggest starting at 2 minutes and daily going up in time at a max of 8 minutes per treatment. More is not always better. 
  • After the sessions of red light therapy, do a high-intensity interval training (HIIT). No need to go to the gym, most people would do fast-paced bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, burpees, jumps, jumping rope, running, or cycling. We suggest having 30-45 seconds of intense exercise with 15-30 seconds of rest in between sets for about 10 minutes. 
  • Going for a long walk for 30-60 minutes (keep the targeted areas excessively warm to keep the blood flowing and circulation going). 
  • Ideally, wait 30 minutes to 1 hour before eating. 

While some people might not have all this time in the morning every morning, the most important ones would be the first 5 steps. Then, in the evening, long walks after dinner and high-intensity interval training somewhere in the evening.  

It is important to remember that the red and infrared therapy treatments themselves will not burn through the excess fat. It is only going to amplify the fat loss effects from diet and regular exercises. Nevertheless, your red light therapy machine will greatly enhance and accelerate loss of overall body fat, and even “stubborn fat” from fat areas that normally are resistant to being burned off. 

With the help of red light therapy and a healthy lifestyle and diet, you could achieve a significant fat loss in a matter of 3-5 weeks from the comfort of your own home. Though if you are not actively doing a diet or exercising to lose fat, please do not think that the light therapy alone will cause fat loss. Red light therapy will remain a great tool for you to amplify and to accelerate your fat loss experience and capabilities.  

Here is the optimal red light therapy treatment for eliminating cellulite. 

  • Ideally in the morning in a fasted state 
  • Hot shower, warm glass of water immediately after. 
  • Cover the areas of your body where you want to eliminate cellulite (cover with extra clothing so it’s very warm). 
  • Start with light exercising, yoga, stretching, resistance bands, calisthenics, just to get the blood going and flowing. Do it for about 5-10 minutes or until you start sweating.  
  • Uncover yourself so you are comfortable, and uncover entirely the body parts where red light will be applied. 
  • Turn on your red light therapy device and place it at 6” away from your targeted area for about 2-8 minutes maximum. More is not always better. We also suggest that you work your way up to 8 minutes slowly. 
  • While the red light is applied on the targeted areas, massage yourself smoothly but continuously on the body parts that need to eliminate the cellulite in order to get more blood flowing to the area. 

By following this protocol daily for about 4-6 weeks, you will be able to get rid of the cellulite from the comfort of your own home. It might be hard at first to incorporate the whole steps into the morning ritual, but it will become much easier once the routine is settled. To make it easier, read a book, drink coffee, listen to music, or do anything that will relax you for about 2-8 minutes in the morning. 

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on creams that will not give any significant and long-lasting results. Red light therapy treatments combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle will energize and greatly empower your cells to do the job they are supposed to do. They will release the excess fat, support collagen and elastin production, increase blood vessel health and circulation – all leading to enhanced skin smoothness and decreased cellulite.  

Without going to any anti-aging clinics or undergoing surgeries, from the comfort of your own home, you can burn through stubborn fat, eliminate cellulite, accentuate spot reduction and waist shrinking, and much more. Devices such as the Red Dawn 300 are much more affordable and easier-to-use than most devices on the market today. It delivers the ideal wavelengths safely without any electromagnetic field at a distance of 6” from the device.  

Red Sun Therapy offers a 60-day return policy if you are not satisfied with the Red Dawn 300 for a full refund. No strings attached.