Frequent Usage By Users

Why Use The Red Dawn 300?

Users have reported using the Red Dawn 300 and it's red light and near-infrared light therapy for the following reasons: 

  • Muscle recovery after workouts/sport
  • Before applying makeup, tightening the skin
  • Sinus infections
  • Mood/Energy Levels
  • Hair regrowth 
  • Seasonal Depression, Lethargy, Low Energy/Mood
  • Inflammation, Pain Management, Joints Pain
  • Sexual Libido/Energy and Hormonal Regulation 

The Red and Near-infrared Light Therapy that the Red Dawn 300 offers is noticeable almost immediately for pain reliefs reasons. Sessions of 5-20 minutes at 6-12 inches away from the target areas will benefit the user almost instantaneously. The benefits arising from red light alone can take up to 4 weeks before noticing change. 

Consistency is key.

To help with the benefits

Exercise, drink water, and take your vitamins regularly. The Red Dawn 300 will enhance but not replace a healthy lifestyle. It is also recommended to use in coordination with some sunlight everyday as it will not replace the vitamin D production that comes from UV rays.